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    Matches 51 to 100 of 1,767

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    51 11:00 PM Buell, Henry E. (I490)
    52 11M born in PA
    Toggweiler, Theodore (I460)
    53 11M born in PA
    Rittenhouse, Edward (I2931)
    54 12 M born in PA Anderson, Elmer (I6565)
    55 12 Male born in PA|| Wurster, Henry Rittenhouse (I32)
    56 12F born in Mass
    Ahern, Mildred Mary (I1291)
    57 13F born in Michigan||Federal Emerson, Susan J. (I2979)
    58 13m born in PA
    Toggweiler, Edward (I1141)
    59 13M living with Uncle Tom|| Hicks, Alexander William (I7277)
    60 14 female born in PA called Annie||Federal Walker, Hannah Jane (I130)
    61 14 Female born in Penn.||Federal Wurster, Edna Mary (I14)
    62 15 M born in PA
    Anderson, David Wesley (I6564)
    63 15 ward 4 F born in PA
    Walker, Hannah Jane (I130)
    64 15 ward 6 female born in PA||Federal Walker, Margaret (I129)
    65 15F born in PA
    Rittenhouse, Laura (I2191)
    66 15M born in PA
    Rittenhouse, Charles (I2930)
    67 15th ward 47 dist 27 female born in PA
    Davis, Hannah M. L. (I2914)
    68 15th ward 47 dist. 2 Male born in PA||Federal Walker, Thomas Davis (I2915)
    69 15th ward 47th dist 31 Male born in Ireland. Machinery maker with 300.00 in assests||Federal Walker, James H. (I2912)
    70 15th ward 47th dist. 6/12 months female born in PA||Federal Walker, Anna Elizabeth (I2916)
    71 16F born in NH
    Emerson, Lucy A. (I2978)
    72 17 male living with parents||Federal Doring, Paul Emil (I2181)
    73 1790 in Canaan, Columbia, Co. NY by Reuben Cook. per Mayflower families

    Thomas Humphrey found in:
    Genealogical Records: New York, 1675-1920
    Event: Lived in: 1776
    County: Dutchess
    Comments: (Land Bounty Rights) 6th Reg't
    Source: New York in the Revolution as Colony and State, Vol. I - Extracts
    Publisher: J. B. Lyon Co.
    Publication Information: Albany, NY, 1904
    Page: 249 Province: New York

    The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Volume 111
    page 237
    Miss Agnes Humphrey.
    DAR ID Number: 110761
    Born in Afton, N. Y.
    Descendant of Thomas Humphrey, as follows:
    1. James Howard Humphrey (b. 1850) m. 1877 Elizabeth Head (b. 1845).
    2. Perry Hopkins Humphrey (1820-91) m. 1850 Julia Frances Latimer (1830-97).
    3. James Hopkins Humphrey (1783-1846) m. 1808 Lydia Pratt (1788-1856).
    4. Thomas Humphrey m. Elizabeth Hopkins.
    Thomas Humphrey (1737-1818) served as a private in the New York militia. He was born in Simsbury, Conn.; died in Bainbridge, N. Y
    Humphrey, Thomas (I2965)
    74 17th ward 51st district 60 F born in Ireland with 1,000 in real estate.||Federal Margaret (I2118)
    75 17th ward 51st district. 30 M Grocer born in Ireland with 700 in assests.||Federal Lowry, James (I372)
    76 17th ward 51st district. 7 M born in PA||Federal Lowry, Robert Cunningham (I18)
    77 18 M born in PA, brickmaker
    Rittenhouse, Paul (I2929)
    78 18F born in NH
    Emerson, Frances Poole (I2977)
    79 18F single|| Lunn, Margaret Anne (I740)
    80 18M at school born in WI|| Davis, Edward Clarke (I4533)
    81 18M Farm Hand born in OH
    Buell, Freeman (I6687)
    82 1910 Coleman, Helene (I12786)
    83 19F born in NY
    McLaughlin, Florence (I722)
    84 1st treasurer of Harvard College Pelham, Esq. Herbert (I1045)
    85 1st ward, 19 female born in NY
    Davis, Anna M. (I486)
    86 1st ward- 10M born in MI
    Davis, George (I1462)
    87 1st ward- 5F born in MI
    Davis, Hannah\Laura (I1463)
    88 1st ward. 40 female born in NY||Federal Hilton, Pauline (I1459)
    89 2 different possibilities as parents. Neither confirmed. Hawley, Sarah (I521)
    90 2 males bet 16-26, 1 male over 45, 1 female bet 10-16 and one female over 45||Federal Stearns, Peter (I2397)
    91 20 acres Hilton, William (I7398)
    92 20 M born in PA Machinist in auto Factory Clawell, Correll Daniel (I596)
    93 20 M born in Wales living with the Evan's family|| Rowlands, William R. (I2338)
    94 20 M living with parents
    Cranley, Patrick F. (I1782)
    95 20 Male born in Mass
    McFague, Maurice G. (I3548)
    96 21 F born in Ireland||Federal Cranley, Johanna (I162)
    97 21 Female born in NH
    Emerson, Elizabeth Olivia (I58)
    98 21 female living with Pfester's||Federal Schleiker, Margaret (I3665)
    99 21 M born in MA
    ||Living w/ parents 
    Donovan, John J. (I1791)
    100 21 M born in NY
    Pfester, William Harold (I3302)

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